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How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

by Survivalist Earth

The degree of devastation and havoc created by hurricanes is rather shocking. Gusts of wind, torrential downpours, and severe floods are some features of hurricanes that cause widespread destruction and make life exceptionally difficult. Therefore, if a natural disaster of such great intensity occurs, it is always a wise decision to prepare your home accordingly.

Doors and Windows

To begin with, you must make certain alterations to all the doors and windows at your place. If you wish to replace a window with one that is sturdier, it would be best to install a window that is impact-resistant. This possibility of your window breaking to little pieces of glass will be reduced if a hurricane hits the area.

Secondly, another great idea would be to acquire shutters that are impact-resistant to cover opening in the window. This would prevent flying debris to enter the house through cracks in the windowpanes which could be dangerous.

Reinforcing the Doors

Doors at the entrance must have a security lock (with an inch long bolt) and a minimum of three hinges. This will anchor the door frames to the wall so that the door stays intact. If you have sliding glass doors, you may have to experience greater discomfort because these doors are delicate and may get damaged more easily. Hence, if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or tropical cyclones, you may want to consider getting such doors replaced. Doors that are constructed with plastic glazing, laminated glass or a combination of both are impact-resistant and must, therefore, be used to as a replacement for sliding glass doors.

Preparing the Lot

There a number of things that you must do in case of a hurricane warning. Rid your property of tree limbs and dead, weak trees.

If your home is in an area that is likely to get flooded, it is best to evacuate it before the onset of the hurricane. In this is not the case, you must purchase a supply of essential things to prepare for the possibility of getting stuck in your house for days at a stretch.

Preparing Food and Water

Leaving the house becomes a bit of a risk, so the food supply is likely to dwindle if the hurricane continues for too long. It is important to store adequate food and water to provide your body the nourishment to continue functioning. It is usually advised to keep water and food supply that would last for at least seventy-two hours.

Other necessities include a first-aid kit, extra keys for your car and house, a flashlight with extra batteries, a battery-operated radio, a manual can opener, and other personal items of need, such as medications, diapers, baby formula etc.

Also, it is important to follow weather reports to assess the sort of danger you are likely to face. Only if you have a clear idea of what is coming will you be able to plan properly. The most important thing is, perhaps, to stay calm. Panic-attacks will not help you do your best at preparing your house if a hurricane strikes.

Article by Survivalist Earth / Image from Pixabay via tpsdave

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